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Have you heard of dentists in Thailand offering procedures and services for half the price? Would you prefer going on a trip to this exotic tourist destination and have your dental procedures performed there as well?


Dentists in Thailand: Their education

According to a study archived at the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, they researched about the dental history and school organization including the course and dental licensure examination aspiring dentists in Thailand would take to become professional dentists. Thailand has six-year dental schooling that gives its students a DDS degree. With more public dental schools than private ones (one private and eight public schools), graduates from the public dental schools were required by the government to serve the public health system for the first three years. This exposure becomes their training ground, and they count it as part of their experience in handling different dental problems.


Dentists in Thailand: The procedures

The dental procedures offered by dentists in Thailand are almost the same as what Australian dentists provide. In fact, most of the dental clinics and establishments claim that their dental services are at the same level of quality with the ones being offered in Australia, the US, and UK. Whether the dental procedures are preventative, restorative, surgical, or cosmetic in nature, dentists in Thailand can easily claim that they get the work done.



Dentists in Thailand: The cost

This component is by far the primary reason why dentists in Thailand are becoming more and more popular in the dental tourism world. Apart from claiming that they are able to provide any type of dental service a patient would need, dentists in Thailand and all dental practices in the country offer their services for a fraction of the price. So, for instance, one patient got dental crowns priced at $400 per crown, a rate that is far lower than the thousands he needs to secure if he wants to get his dental crowns here in Australia. To some foreigners who have had positive results from their trip to Thailand as a dental holiday, it is really a no-brainer why they preferred dentists in Thailand than in Australia.


Dentists in Thailand: The considerations


It sounds like dentists in Thailand are winning in this race, right? Well, here are some points you may want to consider when thinking about having your dental procedures done abroad.


The environment. Have you researched about the country you would be visiting? Not to sound crass, but there may be endemic illnesses or viruses in the country you are going to. Consider the vaccinations and other medical clearances you need to take as part of your travel budget in preparation for your dental holiday.


The location where the dental procedure would take place. Is your treatment going to be performed in a hospital or a clinic? Have you checked the amenities of the establishment? Making sure that the place has all the appropriate equipment to be used in case an emergency occurs is a good impression.


The dental package. Do you know the inclusions of your dental package? Knowing what your dental package covers during your stay in the foreign country you are in gives you an idea of what to expect your budget should be for the whole trip.


The complications. Again, not to sound pessimistic, but complications can occur during or after any dental procedure anywhere. Whether your treatment has been performed here or abroad, you have nothing to lose if you prepare for the moment when a complication happens. Is it going to be dealt with by the dentists in Thailand for free? Would you travel to and from the country be hassle-free and affordable still?



So, who would you prefer – dentists in Thailand or Australia? No matter who you choose, your first priority should always be your personal safety. Improving your dental health and appearance should not be done while risking your overall general well-being.


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